ION CODEX is a start-up ICT Company powered by a small homemade clothing business uncensored wears Nig Ltd; whose sole existence it owes to man’s daily problems, needs and survival. An IT company dedicating on providing ironic purified ionic air domain networks integrated with digital web animated solutions for the whole word needs. From primary school, high school, colleges and working class adults in the corporate world ION CODEX is open to tackle every challenge life throws at us by turning the problem to working Information Technology digital out of the box air domain cloud solutions.

The Aim of our Uncensored Wears Network is to connect everyone in society through fashion, fun, Laughter, clothing, designs and Technology.

Uncensored Wears is an exquisite clothing line for the matured adolescent in colleges, working class adults in the corporate world and generally Every Informed adult in our society. Also Our Fashion line represents the African culture and ancestral Native Tradition in our modern day evolving society. It relates to Most African Society through its deep ironical creativity of artistic coy graphic imagery with historical relevance reborn in our Modern world.

When one says uncensored they are referring to a word or phrase that is vulgar and hence should not be said out or used in public especially around the younger generation. However this line of clothing intends to capitalise on the controversial use of words and things that are offensive by transforming and encrypting them into Deeply convinced Pons and Jokes using Simple ironic Graphic designs to reduce the level of rudeness or impoliteness in the word/phrase, therefore delivering the message in a more subtle, unique and fun way that may decrypted or decoded and can be accepted by everyone in society.


ION CODEX hypothetical Thesis are cryptic molecular Codes of toxic substances with various mass and graphical representation derived from purifying air ionic matter of mass atomic level within ionic air purification simulations compiling from a stream of steamed ionised air data matrix system codes| of improbable statics in semi-organized range| of array| toxic| substances in a void| connected to the reactions| of static sub atomic| micro molecular| Ionic Charges| of an elementary ventilation| domain control| system protocol | with which an .Ai| Event Occurs| to regulate ionic air| data flow.



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