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  • Sale!

    Catering Page Copy Writer – Content Creators


    Why Don’t you have customers visitng your website and business?

    Customers are difficult Decision makers when they are trying to make up their mind about where to stay.

    Create an irresistable Offer 

    The Job of your website Catering Page should be to target one specific type of customer (Events Customer).

    That’s where your landing page sales copy comes in, Your website page should have a focus to fit your target customers need.

    We will together a  focus page with an irresistable.


  • Sale!

    Content Marketing – Position yourself for your target audience


    Looking for real organic traffic? 

    Our in house writers will write delicious content to drive traffic to your site.

    Creating value for your idle customer is the best and most efficient way to drive loyal customers to your business.

    It shows them you’re not after their money (which you are), but out to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

    We will create article/blog posts for your audience, strategically written to create value and convert them into your loyal customers before they come visit.

    The topics for this articles/posts must have been reasearch for keywords your idle customers are intrested in before we put pen to paper.


  • Data Analytics- Grow your business based on your customer behaviour


    How do i grow my business? 

    you don’t grow your business by guess work “let me try this and that”.

    Today you grow your business with customer or guests behaviour.

    With data analytics you can begin to see what aspects of your business is getting the most attention and focus your energy on that aspect and generate the most profit from that. Also you can see what aspects are not doing well and begin to do the right things and grow that aspect of your business.

    Let us build and setup analytics on your website. if you buy our private coaching package we will help you understand your guest better and teach you the tricks of how to grow you business in respect to your guest behaviourial patterns.

  • Email Marketing


    How do i get guests to know about our booking rates, food prices and all we have to offer?

    Social Media  WRONG

    Email Marketing has been and will continue to be the best and most affordable way of reaching your customers and getting direct traffic flowing into your business. its a way to commuitcate with your exsisting and new customers without having to call them one after the other to catch up or inform them about your products and services.

    Now i am not talking about sending weekly newsletters, that has never worked and its probably why your emails keep going into spam folder and never open and thats why they have forgotten about you. how we go about sending emails to your customers is by sending a personal letter directed to your customers on your email list. that way they feel important and want to engage with your business on a personal level and not on a bulk scale.


  • Google My Business Page service vendor in nigeria


    Don’t Know how to get your business on the front page of google when someone searches for your hotel website?

    This feature of google is known to pull in traffic to your business like clock work.

    We are verified vendors of google my business page.

    Get your business on the front page of google today.


  • Hotels Search Engine Marketing – Paid Search


    How do you create loyal customers who youv’e never met?

    Through Google ADS

    Get 2000 visitors to your site every month, we make sure they sign up for yor newsletters and if you don’t have a newsletter setup, get our news letter package added to your cart.

  • Keywords Research – NGN5000 topics that sell like crazy forever


    How do you get free traffic? Through Keyword research.

    Don’t just write content you feel your audience wants to know. Write about what they are already searching for.

    We will provide data that shows potential in a topic before writing.

    We know exactly where to start check out our copy writer package.

  • Search Engine Optimization


    Create awareness, Get traffic flowing into your business. Optimize all the pages on your website and start getting top ranking on all the search engines online.