Email Marketing


How do i get guests to know about our booking rates, food prices and all we have to offer?

Social Media  WRONG

Email Marketing has been and will continue to be the best and most affordable way of reaching your customers and getting direct traffic flowing into your business. its a way to commuitcate with your exsisting and new customers without having to call them one after the other to catch up or inform them about your products and services.

Now i am not talking about sending weekly newsletters, that has never worked and its probably why your emails keep going into spam folder and never open and thats why they have forgotten about you. how we go about sending emails to your customers is by sending a personal letter directed to your customers on your email list. that way they feel important and want to engage with your business on a personal level and not on a bulk scale.



Email Marketing also reffered to as Sales copy and not to be confused with news letters, Sales copy is the process of writing an effective sales letter to your guests.

A Sales copy is one of the most ancient and still the most effective forms of marketing because it is basically a personalised letter with an irresistable offer init.

We Encourage Our Hoteliers to make their Guests feel Special because making them feel special by delivering personalized offers from your business through email is a priceless experience.


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