public class Xecute_Courage;{
	private App dos;
	private Connect (o-x-o) Simple_sentences;
	public class;{
		public static void main(string [...]args);
			void display  (x-o-x);
			private neon  (o-x-o);
			public domain (i-x-o);
			System.out.println("animation Introduction");
private ChemicalComposition h-o.0-o-0 i.e 2:i:o:aiR!;
private Home Sublime txt (*);
	public class shuta{
		private class Vota{
			public static void main (sting [...] args);

				String msc's;
					msc's = "round the solar system and back home in 1:45:30;"
				String sscscc;
					sscscc= "possibe anlysis of a tin;"
				String tins;
					tins = "quentiousinitionM ndmoz qeuntiousness."
				String name; //n\a-m|e;
					name = "i din 1m naming names."
				String dc;
					dc= "eriz and the drop of friest."
				String xut;
					xut = "where do monsters come from and where do they belong?"
				String e0e;
					e0e = "from the middle of somewhere and in the middle of nowhere respectively ie:space;"
				String H0e;
					H0e = "dont feel safe, are we safe, what is safe, where is safe?"
				String; = "lossthole in awe";
				String xix;
					xix= "TTxq todo etu undiension what is upside down dq ez etq sciki"
				String de.n;
					d.en = "Aq Bq Cq Pq Mq PQqpQ \n djq Tq dqpdp dq dp bp gq Gq kq Zq nq?"
				String De0;
					Deo = "Any other corner angle \no^o.there is light we are safe, >0|o/\n xk(.i]=[i.)o^ow sqeeps know how fast light travels"
				String He0;
					He0 = "What is behind the moon (ping TT)"
				String D0e;
					Public String D0e:{}{jx}*coded smile;	
					Private Dos Mecury (i);
						Xp jupiter.~.|"the x/k theories of a black hole and the dark side of the moon";
						Disolution X= Alpha:Delta;
						Derive x;
						String x= FX+AD:(XXT0)\/\~_->-> transformation settings and conservation of energy;<-<//x is a new introduction for possible solution of 0^0 & H-0^-0 ^N02
						String AD= "Unity Application";
							X == sline slings sluts sits sitstis; //MM
				Ping Mars; 
						String Sue.Julei();
							Sue.Julei = "for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction";
							New./\/VVE3 <static.string x;
							String	Xk*Tin.x;
							Ping Pin.x;
							final settings tin.x;
							Xk= "Alpha particles: the key back home";
							new xk = null "ecumenopolis"
								cmd.Integrate String Particles;
								int String theory("13Bp9.zdQ8Beta:2xk".<<Xk@2sk:"2ksk"+"categorize all the carbon elements and their properties in the universe;">>);
									new Knownthesis();
									Support hypothesis;
									public domain : private dom xzx{
										private i(inspect the andeleinadequaquaticttyquicyndom dx\n/dz tryn to keep you from expecting to see what is really going on);
										private x(expect thus int.inspect dos String.infect lost affect us offering hush puppoe-Y:T?);
										private t(ainspect things hostdelgado fleetenqio);
										private c(initiffectsect x into.oduercaurtooion);
										private h(request engq: new it);
										private z(indimintineaffect allo hoedellgadeo);
										private y(expect this return it);
										private dos.0.boolean xy(this new 0lu is /n scruray);
											for driving subject of formulae(x1.z2=x1+y2=y2-z1=0);
												String x;
												Spring it;
												Heap x;
												new x();
												Stack x;
												new it();
												Get it();
											while: MX();
												CMC.i.enventted this();
												for while X is unknown in the universie of tins;
													if (i=c1h1, i++);
											while driving i;
												Reduce x();
													for Where (i=c10h24, --x);
													Get x();
													Set End;
											Get y();
												Where x=1;
													or Set yz.zx();
												or else heap(c10h24:c1h1)
											end if (, lm > dy:dx, --a else ++z, );// set involve quotient rule application diffrentiation of x is 1;
												else if heap dom.x(c2[h4])<--  //need fy.u.el//
													final if (a:z, x == c, ++ABT else -- RD2);
				Ping Home Earth2Pluto2earth2pluto(!!!D<--:-){ //D= digital, weight = Mass[m] * Gravity[g=9.8m^-2]; force = weight * distance (sdt/ speed = distance/time ms^-1) g== accelegration = m/s^2
					for creative drive = god pro(++ static sublime RIM_VELOCITY);
					public new air domain Access{
						New.string x(~:~);
							int.string spring¬.surprise ~x = 10mg^01 <<the constants static deriver-:.:->> 
									String sum x;
											F(x) = F "mass is inversely porportional 2d 3d:4d:5d:6d:7d:8d:9d:10d graphicity of a stand alone graphical object in imaginary orbit of a possible void new start(); pp0_o0u¬|;"
											new x.mass (¬;) = (system.out.println);

						Laws of conservation of states that [...];
							x= "a digital object at rest will always remain at rest unless an external play force acts on that object within a void portal";
							y= "the theomagnitude of a theoretical digital object in free creation is directly proportional to the perspective weight and hypothetical creative graphical force acting on that object in the users io.view() opposite dxymz direction"; //where dxymz is a theroretical improbable dimention looking into the future 1tr lifetimes ahead through a 9999980gtpx drone on a trip 99989decltr miles (dencilitrillion miles) away mirroring the past in a void portal.
							z= "the hypothesized mass of an digital object on earth graphicity in a void portal () is inversely porportional to the weight of the same digital object in space static future why there is no God to Create a users subconcious creative velocity to create the process void data if time and space is frozen in a recursive instance.";

				Ping Home Earth2Axiom2Milkyway2Ai([]);
					Public new static air ();
						search Remain_Ram_Rym_Air if Ren_Lens° = Roman NOV SokLou[2018 bc/dy] // For Ex;
						for intel_appData To exit DOS;
							return success();
								console.log(do neo);
						set Podcast_probe seek innictEffect EXT; 
					if set_sum why (new T  = (information technology space ressurection probe awake journey)/ where Roman Air Remain_Data == AD/BC);
						Relay intel_info();
						Rich intel_appdata == Probe_hypersleep else ++ EDGE Speed°/GMPTXZ. resolve a new graphical space travel formula to excape ship do.z;
						set Module relay mission theory()
							output.mission Deliverable()
							while why:drop feed_freeze= new void(1lite year:deck:flush:push=SIGNAL=ship.>>
								import:deriver<high net = Dy <<relay ray| int = gtpx[console.log= 2018AD]| when Ren_Lens° = -998660°/998BC;
								if delay frost_intigene = freeze bites do else if mov°, while intel_lsr ++ ray relay| set new domain>...<|> io.view dxymz;
								new example data.exit(); 
								while exaple== EXMP;
						private system.out new [lite intel-Npptz]>I>O>N+);
							try offline @HIGHNET;
					New Space Air composition thesis();
						Transmitting TERAFORMING_Universe High_net airdata == DOS.INTEL_APPDATA : Light_spectrum(-984299888222220000/PThz sen491 exists in -10^-10000000°PTGMPX /n : NUM:N+O2 "transmit encrypted COLDED_code in sublime Liquid -Pixels to a.void cypherlisation");
						get Ai_data[];
						new array string Ai_data [dy, dx, rum, dm, xm, mx, lm, ld, ir, um, od, Ax, Ion, .dll, .exe, mb, gb, grb, -xhz, null, bot, sleep, warp, flush, deck, x-o-x,];
							string dy;
							dy = "why is there no why loop in programming operations";

							string dx;
							dx = "quentiousinitionM in the cosnov qeuntiousness wrap warp speed drafonFly_den movement";

							string rum;
							rum = "the fuel to reaching parts of your mind you've not escaped before";

							string dm;
							dm = "the stars have aligned for you to achive your goals but the light keeps getting dimmer and brighter uncontrolably"

							int rum + Dm;
							rum + Dm = Drum;
							do set drum;


							string drum;
							drum = "the speed of happiness it takes to simutanously create sound melody at wave lengths in transmittion to a neurological hype of understanding to the hearts content";
							new drum = beat();
							return sound = beat;

							string xm;
							float mx:t = new m(0:4);
							for ionic a:x = +t; 
							set new limit();
								get x = mt : ++m;//tune reach mx
							string Mx = string x;//
						system.out.println('its been 1x0.0011999887771 pictodicomelodecimal years since the last drop of 1ml codine ');
		public class roots{
			private void () {}
			Access possible constants(*);
			String Secrets_bones;
				Secret_bones= "roots and the core always have their secrets in-between";
			private Get .avi();
				Set String .avi(){
					System.out.execute.string.println("Journey to the centre of the earth");
				get sum .Nov();
				heap .mov(Now);
			public string dos.void{
				if ln x= dy();
					System.out.println("the deeper the forgetful the more shallow the forgiveness")


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