Our Story

About us


We are a distinguished information technology services start up with sound and creative minds. We are known for solving complex problems by breaking it down to the microscopic level, therefore delivering the solution from the atomic level to the finished tangible product delivered in simplicity. Our Vision is to become a global network with rich skilled workers with traditional work ethics and up to date with the latest in information technology hospitablity business.

We were founded ION CODEX in early 2015

Our Founder Esiri EkwaleDigital Marketer and Software Engineer) works with a team of two other technical team members (John Anwana – Full Stack Developer and Emmanuel Omole – UI|UX Designer).  He has been developing websites for the past 10 years, Until Early 2020 when we started developing enterprise scale applications. So far, we have designed, developed and deployed various SAP solutions. Also he is a proud partner of softinn and he has been working with team members to Build and manage Hotelier websites for many years.    

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission is to Coach Managing Directors, General Managers and their employees about the important roles I.T has to play in their hospitable business. Help them discover the sercrets to Increase their booking and sales with the available tools and strategies that is proven to drive traffic to their website with a better conversion rate. 

Recieving Traffic to your website is one aspect, converting that traffic into lead is another thing, converting that lead to paying customer is another. In our Hospitality Digital Masters training program we will teach you the concept of how we use technology to convert audience to paying customers and also everything you need to get started. 

Our Core values are founded on a philosophy of integrity, creativity, brand and style. We are on a dedicated mission to providing leading professional consulting, and out of the box integrated systems solutions that meet our hotelier’s needs and or requirements.

ION CODEX - Hospitality Business (Digital Masters Program)

In Nigeria today the economy is poor and both average-class and high-class hotels are struggling to pay staff, maintain their facilities, get customers and make profit. That is because of the economic crisis of inflation currently on ground.

Also to make matters worse, due to the Covid-19 out-break, doing business became even more difficult for business owners. Business today isn’t just what it used to be. Companies doing business the old fashion way have shut down due to low productivity and none of their existing customers want to leave the safety of their home to patronize them, simply because they are not convinced it’s safe. 

Yes we Know people still go out, but only when it is completely neccessay or profitable for them to risk their lives. In recent times people gradually forcing themselves to go out, have fun or entertain themselves. in essence What we are simply trying to say is that, things are so tough but only the tough survive in times of difficulty. 

Hence Companies and people have diverted their attention to the internet. A safe place where they can search for solution. They now realise they can save money by looking for better deals and offers before going out, Thats why we put together this program so we can coach business owners on the strategies they can apply to their business to get new customers and grow their business online through effective digital marketing, web technology and futhermore increase their direct bookings..

This Program is Designed specifically for CEO's, Managing Directors, General Managers, Mid-Level Managers and Emloyees in Hospitality Businesses

In this training program you will learn all the tips and tricks of how you can strategically grow your conversions and sales and what it costs to get started, so fake I.T posers don't rob you of your hard earned money.

You Don't Own Your Social Media Account.

Thing about this, you spend all that time, money and energy growing followers on your social network, Only to discover at the end of the day you're only driving user engagement on social media network, if that effort was directed to build and grow your website audience organically through SEO, you could be the next Facebook, instagram. the Key work here is to user Engament and Interaction on your website not someone else's.

The Ultimate Hospitality Digital Business Mindset

At the end of this program we want to assure you, that you will walk out more sophisticated, you will start saving money by avoiding some big mistakes companies make and most importantly we won't leave any stone unturned we will educate you on every possible opportunity available for your to get fully booked and avoid getting over booked.

Start Getting Comfortable with New Tech Knowledge and Experience, Today!

Discover how to Create Trust by selling Value through your business website. 

“In Religion Trust is love, In Business Trust is Loyalty”